Rates & Policies


If you don’t see your fare below, please contact us for a customized quote.

Albany Airport/Train/Bus rates are FLAT rates with no charge for extra passengers (with the exception of student rates–see below). Pickups AT the Albany Airport/Train/Bus are $5 more to account for flight/train tracking, parking and waiting.


We accept reservations with a $10 minimum fare. If the normal fare is less than $10, it automatically becomes $10 when reserved in advance.

Albany Airport:

pickup in Saratoga Springs (City Zones 1-5), Ballston Spa (village area), Malta, Clifton Park: $55

Add $5 for city zones 6-7 (east of I-87) Weibel Ave Apartments, and Saratoga Paddocks Apartments.

Add $5 for pre-arranged pickup AT Albany Airport (to account for parking & waiting for deplaning & luggage collection, as well as any last-minute delays).

from other areas, please call for a quote.

Albany Train/Bus/Schenectady Train: add $10

Highlander Hybrid SUV: add $10

 Shared Ride (optional): $10 off each separate fare, single riders only

Within Saratoga Springs: Between $3.60 and $12, depending on location and time of day. (Saratoga Springs uses a zone-based system.) Additional passengers $2 each.

New York City metro area: $400 (Includes tolls and gratuity. Additional charges apply for pickups at NYC airports. See NYC Car Service for more information. Add $50 for SUV.

Stop/Wait Time: $30/hr ($60/hr during peak hours) Minimum charge for a stop is $3.

Hourly Car Service: $45/hr for Prius or $60/hr for SUV. Does not include 20% auto-gratuity. Additional charges may apply during peak hours.

Deliveries/courier: Regular fare + $15. Additional charges may apply for boxes and other large items.

Other destinations: please call anytime for a quote. We go anywhere!

Peak hours: Friday & Saturday 5 pm – 5 am, Thanksgiving Eve, New Year’s Eve, St. Patrick’s Day, SPAC concerts, track season

Tipping: In most cases, a tip/gratuity is not automatically added to the fare. In the U.S., tipping is expected (but not required) and taxi drivers rely on tips to help them earn a living. If you are unsatisfied with your driver’s service, it is understandable if you decline to tip. A normal tip is 15-25% on fares over $20, and a larger percentage on fares under $20. On a $5 fare, a normal tip would be between $1 and $5.



Wait Time:

There is a 5 minute courtesy wait, after which waiting charges will begin to accumulate at $0.50/minute or $30/hr (during non-peak hours). Pickups at the Albany Airport are excluded from late charges. Pickups at a train station are given a 10 minute courtesy wait. Late charges are billed according to the actual train arrival given by Amtrak.

For all other rides, please be prepared to look for your cab at the time estimated by the dispatcher or the appointment time. It is not the responsibility of the dispatcher to call you back to inform you that your cab is waiting. Wait time may be added at $0.50/min for instances in which the driver must wait for you longer than 5 minutes.



Customer is entitled to full refund if cancellation/reschedule is made by telephone only and according to the following guidelines:

Out-of-town pickups in the Capital Region, including Albany Airport/Train/Bus: at least two (2) hours notice.

Cancellations/reschedulings made within less than the above amount of time are nonrefundable.

For out-of-town pickups beyond the Capital Region (including NYC metro area): Nonrefundable if driver is already en route, 50% refundable within 24 hrs of requested pickup time, fully refundable if cancellation/rescheduling is made more than 24 hrs before requested pickup time.

For immediate local pickups, customer must pay fare from downtown Saratoga Springs to pickup location if cancellation/rescheduling is made after driver has reached requested pickup location.

Account holders: Full fare is due if driver is already en route at time of cancellation/rescheduling. If cancellation/rescheduling is made prior to driver’s departure, only booking/admin fees (if applicable) are due.


Non-swiped transaction fee:

When paying with a credit card over the phone or charging to a card on file, there will be a fee of $2 per transaction or 4%, whichever is greater. (There is no fee for swiping a credit card in person.)


An automatic gratuity of 20% is added for all charges paid through an account.



For all coupons (e.g. Spa City Packs), there is a maximum discount of $5. Coupons may not be combined with other discounts/sales/special rates.

Coupons are intended as introductory discounts and households are limited to one coupon from any source. That is, after using any coupon once, a household may not use any other coupon after that point. Thank you for your cooperation as this allows us to continue providing competitive rates and pay our drivers fairly. Please remember to tip your driver based on the regular price of the ride!