Q: Do you take American Express?

A: Yes! As well as Visa, MasterCard and Discover.


Q: How long does it take to get from Saratoga Springs to the Albany Airport, Train, or Bus?

A: To the Albany Airport: 30-35 min. To the Albany-Rensselaer Rail Station or Albany Bus: 40-45 min. Allow a little extra time during rush hour and during peak season (July-August).

Q: How come you don’t reserve pickups at the Saratoga Springs train station?

A: We wish we could, but we have found that the trains into Saratoga Springs are frequently delayed, sometimes at the last minute, which makes reservations complicated and risky. There are often cabs available at the station, or you are welcome to call us as the train is pulling in and we will send a car right over, pending availability. Please note, we DO reserve pickups at the Albany-Rennselaer train station, as the trains into that station are much more reliably on time.

Q: Are your rates cheaper since you save money on gas?

A: We price our rates competitively. Shorter fares are usually about equal to other taxi companies, while longer distance fares are usually somewhat less. However, there are many costs other than gas that go in to running a taxi service, including licensing and fees, insurances, vehicle payments, labor, taxes, advertising, and more. Our rates (and those of any taxi service) reflect all of these costs, not just gas.


Q: I don’t know how much to tip. What is a normal tip?

On a short distance fare (such as going from a hotel to downtown Saratoga Springs), a normal tip is $2-$5. On a longer distance fare, such as to the Albany Airport, a normal tip is 15-25% of the fare. If you really like your driver’s service, you are welcome to tip more. If you are unhappy with your driver’s service, you are welcome to tip less–ultimately it’s up to you! Just remember that taxi drivers (like most service workers) in the U.S. depend on tips to make a living.


Q: Do you do things like wedding transportation, frequent rider discounts, and corporate accounts?

A: Yes. Please call to discuss.


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